Unlock the potential of AI

Committed to creating intelligent software customised to meet the needs of probate solicitors and estate planners, LEAP Estates employ a dedicated team of specialist developers who present innovative AI solutions to automate routine tasks, simplify document management and enhance decision-making.



LawY acts as your firm’s trusted AI legal assistant, addressing your legal questions with instant AI-generated answers that can then be vetted and verified by experienced and qualified practising lawyers across the UK.

This blend of cutting-edge AI and human expertise is at the heart of LawY’s service, empowering you with accurate answers you can trust.

Matter AI

Matter AI

Find answers within your matter

Chat with Matter AI to instantly access insights and information directly from the correspondence in your LEAP Estates matter.

Leveraging cutting-edge AI algorithms, Matter AI analyses all the intricate details within documents, and correspondence in your matter, enabling you to streamline your workflow and deliver exceptional legal counsel to your clients.

AI Template Generator

Template Generator

Draft documents with ease using AI

Produce a legal letter, client email or form with ease using Template Generator in LEAP Estates. Input into the Template Generator the type of document you wish to create and select how you wish to create your draft. Either:

  • Choose a letter, email or form previously created within your practice

  • Select a document template identified by AI that is already held in the LEAP Estates library

  • Generate your own document using AI via LawY

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