​​Estate accounts

Generate complex documents with ease.

​​Estate account & inheritance tax automation

The Estate Administration feature delivers a simple, easy-to-use interface for practitioners of private client work to complete inheritance tax calculations and estate accounts with ease. 

Data collected on the estate is used to calculate the inheritance tax due, saving time by automatically generating the relevant IHT forms with no need to rekey data. This data is also used to produce schedules and STEP based estate accounts.

Create e​Estate accounts in minutes

LEAP Estates simplifies the production of estate accounts. With the ability to merge pre-existing matter information and up-to-date legal rates and calculations, you can generate an overview of the estate at the click of a button.


​​Simplified inheritance tax

Simplify the creation of IHT400 forms and schedules. Use your data within LEAP Estates to generate the required forms with ease.

The benefits​​

  • ​​Data is entered once and is retained and fully updatable

  • ​​The forms are constantly kept up-to-date with legislative and cost changes

  • ​​Complex calculations can be completed effortlessly

  • ​​Admin hours are significantly reduced

  • ​​All documents are saved back to the LEAP Estates matter with a simple click

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