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LEAP Estates launches Matter AI

May 22, 2024

Matter AI Probate Will snipped

LEAP Estates announces the launch of Matter AI, a new integrated software tool that intelligently examines matter correspondence held within the electronic matter, providing instant insights and information to estate planning professionals.

Users can chat with Matter AI to immediately access insights and information directly from correspondence in the LEAP Estates matters. Leveraging cutting-edge AI algorithms, Matter AI analyses all the intricate details within documents, and correspondence in matters, enabling users to streamline their workflow to deliver exceptional legal counsel to clients.

Matter AI can search documents, spreadsheets, emails, and attachments, it will OCR (Optical Character Recognition) images, scanned PDFs and even handwritten notes from 10 to 10,000 plus documents. Users then receive a detailed response along with references to the specific documents in seconds. Lawyers can bid farewell to laborious manual searches and embrace a new era of productivity and efficiency in legal practice.

Craig Matthews, CEO, LEAP Estates comments,

"Matter AI provides legal professionals with the ability to manage cases more efficiently, conduct research more accurately and ultimately provide their clients with a higher quality service.  Matter AI represents a significant advancement in our commitment to drive innovation and equip legal professionals with state-of-the-art AI technology operating seamlessly within the LEAP Estates platform. "

This advanced capability ensures accurate analysis, promoting a higher standard of reliability and precision in document review processes.

LEAP Estates users can ask Matter AI to:

  • Check matter details and dates

  • Draft documents

  • Draft emails

  • Summarise documents

  • Compare multiple documents for discrepancies

  • Extract key terms and concepts from documents

  • Analyse financial transactions

  • Provide a chronology

For more information on Matter AI visit here.

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